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SEMI-HIATUS! (I'm doing this university thing yuck whutt)
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23.JUNE.2012 | MBC London.
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kyungsoo’s eating compilation (2/2)
because he’s adorable (sorry for the quality)


I am so lucky to have got this on camera

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singin’ in the rain ♡__♡

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Painted my graduation cap, ready for commencement tomorrow! Cheers MIT class of 2014 :)

I don’t even like Peter Pan and this is pretty legit

who the fuck doesn’t like peter pan

Captain Hook

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Still being a crappy blogger lol just wanted to come rant a little won’t stay long don’t worry…

Basically: boyfriends are crappy don’t get one or get your money back coz they make you so happy but then their family fuck it up for you - take that happiness and sit on it whenever they god damn please. 


Don’t listen to me boyfriends are good…dun stop the issues no matter how perfect you think things are kmtttt lol

That’s all! C0oL ByE!